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As one of your County Commissioners from 2006-2010, I am proud of the following accomplishments:


  • Worked to repeal the 5-cent gas tax.
  • Worked to reduce the millage by over one mill.
  • Established a hiring freeze which improved efficiency.
  • Reduced the number of BOCC employees by 13%.
  • Worked to replace key county personnel.
Managed Growth
  • Began using impact fees for infrastructure.
  • Strengthened the Planning and Zoning Board.
  • Worked with small businesses to open and operate.
  • Ensured developers played by the rules.
Quality of Life
  • Completed Visioning 2032 project.
  • Led the award-winning Goffinsville Park project.
  • Led the new American Beach Community Center project.
  • Worked for new Emergency Operations Center.
  • Worked for completion of Scott Road Drainage project.
  • Supported the purchase of 100 acres for Regional Park on Westside.
Fiscal Responsibility
  • Paid off $12 million in landfill debt.
  • Paid off $5 million in debt for communications system.
  • Lowered millage rate by 12%.
  • Increased reserves to $14 million.
  • Established $500,000 Hurricane Emergency Fund.
  • Established fully-funded Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Used 100% of one-cent sales tax for capital needs.

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